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A True American Hero

On November 27, 2022, Officer Frenzel was dispatched to an unattended death in his police beat. On this day, Officer Frenzel said he was “awe struck.” The individual who passed peacefully in his home, was a citizen of America’s greatest generation and a World War II hero.

Cops Fighting Cancer

We were honored today to be able to participate with Cops Fighting Cancer to help children enjoy Christmas. This year was a bit different due to ongoing COVID restrictions at Children’s Hospital. We couldn't go in and see the kids, but our team participated in the law enforcement parade. It’s humbling to see the courage of these young souls battling leukemia, cancer and other illnesses.

Bank Robbery

Please help us identify the below individual wanted for a bank robbery - additional details can be found in the Crime Stoppers flyer.

Package Theft Prevention

Many of us are shopping online for holiday gifts. Consider the following suggestions to ensure you get those packages!

Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft DIY Label Kit Event

*** We've had an overwhelming response to the event, and all of the slots are full. We will work with the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority to host another event in earlier 2023. We will post any future events to our social media pages.....stay tuned! ***

*** UPDATE*** Possible Kidnapping


Westminster Fire Department Charity Drive

November 21 — December 16